Three Years: Prelude

Hello fellow Transitionees!

Yes, I’m still alive. And yes, you were promised complete stories of all of the events leading up to the September post (which I will make good on, double promise) but oddly enough life doesn’t seem to want to pause so that I can collect myself and tell the story.

It’s almost as though the story is better told in-media-res (that would be from the middle of the action or as it happens for all you non writernerds out there) in some form of less formal format which could be updated in weekly or even daily installations…

Novel concept, right?

Well ironically I’m going to start off the exploration of this concept by noting an anniversary: I have been out of care now for three years.

It’s funny—-I don’t even really celebrate my own birthday (well I did this year, because it just happened to be my 21st birthday and that’s something worth a nice legal hurrah) and I’m not too big on holidays or other events which usually cause a stir on their annual appearance… but early December is always quietly important to me.

Three years ago, in early December, I left the ‘system’ behind. No more group homes. No more forced therapy sessions. No more forced medication. No more false hope that somehow, at the end of all of this, I’d be going home. The reality was that I was leaving all of that behind for a new place I’d eventually call home, a new list of trials and troubles, and a very interesting three years leading up to now.

So this year, to honor the anniversary and finally give some context into what got me here, I’m going to tell the story. The whole story, as best as I can. One post a week for the month of December (not counting this one), with the last week of the month being an actual what’s happening right now post.

Remember folks: Life is Transition—-and it can be very difficult to transition to something, if you haven’t quite put together where you’re transitioning from.

Check back for more.