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"A Learning Process"


Marriage and Families: C+ Final

Ethics and Policy in Social Services: B Final

Hello fellow Transitionees. Have you learned anything today? I have. Today I learned something entirely underwhelming: I am not an A student.

Usually, in pursuit of that feeling that I completely aced a course, I’d either freak out or fall into a slump about half way through any given course. Because I wasn’t going to get an A.

Would you like to know the most useful thing I’ve learned in college thus far? Prepare to have your mind blown.

I can graduate without an A average.

I know, right? Woah. I’d like to be an A student. But I’m not. Sometimes I’ll miss an assignment, sometimes I’ll do an assignment with approximately enough attentiveness to it to say I did it, sometimes I’ll cram the night before a test. Sometimes I’ll cram the day of a test. Sometimes, I’ll cram the instant before an open book test (skim through things, highlight keywords so I know where to go when I see the word/subject in a question—-it works, trust me… best way I’ve ever found to circumvent actually knowing what you’re talking about). And you know what? That’s okay.

Does it make me a role model? Yes. It does. Because some of us are A students. Some of us can keep up consistent, high grade work all of the time—-or at least enough of the time that, by any measure, it’s kept up all of the time. However, A students would be so special if it weren’t for the fact that by all logical reasoning, not everyone can attain that score.

There is a method to being an A student. There is a method, no easier to learn, to being a B student. Or in my case, a strong C student. I have learned that, despite the fact that I have a thoroughly average work ethic and attention to detail, I should at least show up to class and do the assignments in all my average scoring glory.

Because there is really only one way to get an F.

Now, this blog is about Transition, right? Transition and all of the things that happen to one blogger in particular during the course of said Transition. So what does this have to do with Transition? Not everyone chooses the schooling route in their Transition, what’s this mean for them?

Life is Transition. Life is also graded on a curve, believe it or not. No matter what you’re doing—-work, school, both, parenting, friendships, hobbies—-you’re being graded. The only way to guarantee a big mean F is to clam up because it’s not looking as perfect as you’d hoped it would.

Chances are, if you just keep at it, you’ll get it out of it with a C. And hey, that’s passing.