Empowerment: An Introduction

Here is a short introduction to me, your new PA YAB project manager.  You can call me Babs.

  • ·         I’ve been an active member of the YAB since 2004
  • ·         I was a Youth Ambassador
  • ·         My favorite color is orange
  • ·         My current band on repeat is Walk off the Earth
  • ·         I was a Regional YAB coordinator in the South East
  • ·         I am currently a Youth Quality Improvement Specialist
  • ·         I play the Ukulele and I enjoy running
  • ·         I have a blog about coffee and Foster Care

One of my goals for the Youth Advisory Board is that every youth would walk away from it feeling empowered, valued and expanded.  I will be looking at Empowerment as it relates to youth in Transition

Two weeks ago, I was at a “Communities on Transition” Conference.  The theme this year was Empowerment in an Environment of Change.  The participants of this conference were organizations, parents, case workers and youth who work with and have disabilities.  I learned a lot, and made friends with the Pennsylvania Youth Leadership Network! I hope that the Pennsylvania Youth Advisory Board can partner up with them.

The first speaker was Ako Kambon, and he walks us through Empowerment like this.  There are four stages, and everyone is somewhere on the continuum, so as you read this series try and figure out where you are, and where you would like to go next.

I will end this post with a question:  How does Empowerment and Transition relate?  How can the Youth Advisory Board empower, value and expand?  Hit me up! 

PS: There’s whole lot of resources on transition and empowerment at the YAB’s Website at www.independentlivingpa.org